• Latest Technology

    Foam-Clear represents our latest technology in foam control for the Food,
    Beverage, Bioethanol, Industrial and Agricultural industries. With a
    portfolio of 12 specialist products covering a broad spectrum of
    applications, we have designed these new antifoams to offer outstanding
    performance and comprehensive backup.

  • KCC Beauty

    KCC Beauty specialise in the manufacture of high quality silicone
    emulsions and a wide variety of functional silicone fluids for our
    diverse cosmetic customer base. Our reputation is built on high
    standards and the technical competence of our specialist team.
    With GMP plant and equipment at our disposal, we are proud to
    create high quality innovative personal care ingredients.

  • Food & Beverage

    KCC Basildon Chemicals has for over forty years produced a wide
    range of problem solving antifoams as process aids in the
    manufacture of food and beverage products in both aqueous and
    non-aqueous applications. These specialist food and kosher grade
    antifoams are approved for use as process aids in many countries
    around the world.

  • Automotive
    Car Care

    KCC Basildon Chemicals provide a wide range of silicone based
    materials to enhance the appearance of cars, inside and out. For
    over forty years, we have been supplying customers involved in
    every area of automotive appearance chemicals, offering the
    various benefits that our silicone materials generate; such as gloss,
    water repellency, durability, colour restoration and anti-misting.

  • Pharmaceuticals
    Life Sciences

    With a GMP plant and decades of pharmaceutical manufacturing
    experience at our disposal, KCC Basildon is proud to offer
    simethicone and sterilisation stable antifoam products of the
    highest quality. Our 100% active and 30% active emulsion APIs
    are available as tested to the European and United States
    Pharmacopeia monographs.

Silicone Antifoams

We have been successfully producing high quality antifoams for over 40 years. Our silicone antifoam and non-silicone based defoamers are used in various industrial and food based applications including Agrochemicals, Fermentation and Food Processing in order to control or eliminate unwanted foam generation in your …

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Silicone Emulsions

KCC Basildon Chemicals prides itself on the incredibly high quality of its silicone emulsions. Over 40 years in the industry has given us a wealth of experience in manufacturing silicone emulsions of various fluid types, viscosities, particle sizes and emulsifier systems. Where lubrication, gloss, antistatic, …

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Silicone Fluids

KCC Basildon Chemicals as speciality formulators can offer a wide range of straight chained, cyclic and cross-linked polydimethylsiloxane silicone fluids to suit your needs. The KCC Basildon range includes basic silicone polymers of viscosities from 0.65cS to 60,000cS and an ever growing range of functionally modified …

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